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on demand, live printing


we bring the EXPERIENCE to you

Screen printing is fun. Screen printing on site at an event is even more fun! We can’t explain how much value live, on demand printing adds to your event. People love seeing something they wear everyday without event thinking about it being made right in front of you.


Fairs & Festivals

We can create unique, custom designs that are available only at the festival (and for a few days after, if you aren’t able to make it) that we print live at festivals as customers tell us what they would like. We love getting to travel on the weekends, eat some fair food and get to meet some awesome people along the way. If you have a fair or festival you would like for us to be a part of fill out the form below. We have people come by the booth and say the only reason they came to the festival was to see us!

Our weekends are spent on the road printing up some awesome shirts at festivals all over the state! This is a shirt we recently did at the Kaolin Festival and are looking forward to the other festivals we have scheduled in the upcoming weeks.


Business Outings & CORPORATE Events

Business after hours, grand openings, expos, conventions, Christmas parties or anything else that you can think of, we want to be a part of it. Make your next event stand out by partnering with us to print a t-shirt, tote bag or something in between with your business’ logo or info. We can design your custom item from the ground up and have it ready to print when we arrive at your event. Week nights, weekends or anytime in between we can help make your outing memorable to everyone in attendance!

Grand Openings are great times for us to come in and partner with your organization. People in attendance would remember your opening for years to come! We recently printed these tote bags for Erin Andrews Media for their grand opening in October in Milledgeville.


SPorting events, Weddings & PArties

Football games, business after hours, holiday events or anything in between we can be a part! Tote bags are great things to hand out at events, printing them as people need them is even better. We can also print koozies for wedding receptions, t-shirts for white out games or anything else in between. We charge a simple destination fee + the cost of the item just like if it were being printed at our shop. Take a second to fill out the form below, we promise it will be worth it!

We recently printed long sleeve t-shirts & sweatshirts at a local football game, had a great time, and meet needs of the fans as it was a much cooler night than expected!

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